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At the Inland Neurosurgery Institute (INI), we will carefully examine your condition and look for ways to first treat it through pain management, rehabilitation therapy and other non-surgical methods. If surgery is required, we will rely on minimally invasive procedures whenever possible to reduce your post-operative pain, hospital stay and recovery time. We remain at the forefront of the latest neurosurgical advances through our ongoing education and relationships with teaching hospitals. We provide individualized care and focus on educating patients and their family members about their condition and treatment options. Our surgeons are routinely rated as the area’s top neurosurgeons.

We treat a variety of conditions including:

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I have had 3 different surgeries, spinal fusion and intra cranial 5th nerve decompression and recently gamma knife. Dr. Lederhaus is a wonderful doctor that really understands your pain and does everything he can to help alleviate it. I think he's the best and would recommend him to anyone:)